Verify and authenticate patients remotely to reduce risks and enhance telehealth experiences.

PatientVerifi enables healthcare providers to securely verify patient identities during virtual visits. Our advanced solution uses biometric authentication including facial recognition, voiceprints, and government-issued ID scans to confirm patients are who they say they are. Seamlessly integrated into leading telehealth platforms, PatientVerifi mitigates the risks of fraud and errors to support confidential, compliant, and efficient virtual care.

Advanced Identity Verification

This feature employs advanced technology such as voice biometrics, facial recognition, and liveness detection to confirm the identity of patients. It ensures that the person accessing telehealth services is indeed who they claim to be, significantly reducing the risk of identity fraud.

HIPAA Compliance

PatientVerifi adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, ensuring that all patient data is handled with the utmost privacy and security. This compliance protects both the telehealth provider and the patient from potential legal issues related to privacy breaches.

Prescription Fraud Prevention

By accurately verifying the identity of patients, PatientVerifi minimizes the risk of prescription drug abuse and misuse. This is particularly important for telehealth services that involve prescribing medication, as it helps to ensure that prescriptions are dispensed responsibly and to the correct individual.

Seamless Integration

PatientVerifi is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing telehealth platforms. This integration enhances the patient experience by providing a smooth, uninterrupted service flow from identity verification to the conclusion of the telehealth session, without the need for additional processes that could prolong the session.


Protect Provider Reputation

Trust and credibility are paramount in healthcare. By prioritizing patient privacy and security, PatientVerifi helps healthcare providers establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship with their patients. This, in turn, enhances the provider's reputation as a safe and reliable choice for telehealth services.

Cost Savings

By reducing fraudulent transactions and streamlining the patient verification process, PatientVerifi helps healthcare providers save on operational and administrative costs. Efficient identity verification can also decrease the likelihood of financial losses associated with identity fraud and prescription errors, further contributing to overall cost savings.