An Innovative Biometric Patient Identity Verification for Virtual Patient Care

PatientVerifi is an advanced patient identity verification solution designed for telehealth providers to ensure accurate patient identification during virtual healthcare encounters, mitigating the risks associated with identity fraud and enhancing the overall telehealth experience.

PatientVerifi seamlessly integrates remote biometric identity verification into telehealth platforms to assure safety, security, and compliance.


Did you know? According to the Coalition of Insurance Fraud, U.S. telemedicine fraud could cost $25 billion to $35 billion a year.

Advanced Identity Verification

Leveraging voice biometrics, facial recognition, and liveness detection, PatientVerifi verifies patient identities with unparalleled accuracy, bolstering the security of virtual healthcare encounters

HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance

You control where your data is stored, with data encrypted in transit and at rest. PatientVerifi ensures that patient data privacy is maintained throughout the telehealth experience.

Prescription Fraud Prevention

PatientVerifi’s robust identity verification system minimizes the risk of prescription drug abuse and misuse, adding an extra layer of security to medication dispensation.

More Efficient Workflows

PatientVerifi’s generative AI TelehealthScribe 360 streamline telehealth workflows by eliminating the need to write up time-consuming, post-visit clinician notes.


Enhanced Patient Safety

sure that the right patients receive the proper care, reducing the potential for medication errors and improving patient outcomes.


Regulatory Compliance

Meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA and other healthcare regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues.


Protect Provider Reputation

Establish trust and credibility with patients by prioritizing their privacy and security.

Telehealth is redefining access to healthcare.

However, virtual visits also introduce new risks around patient identification, privacy and fraud. PatientVerifi meets these challenges head-on with innovative identity verification tailored for telehealth.

Our advanced solution uses multimodal biometrics to confirm patient identities before, during and between virtual visits. We integrate seamlessly with leading telehealth platforms to enable:


Supercharge virtual healthcare today.

Take your telehealth practice to the next level with PatientVerifi. Streamline patient identity verification, protect against fraud, and provide secure, reliable telehealth services. And eliminate time-consuming clinician notes with generative AI-created session summaries. Schedule a personalized demo today and experience the future of secure telehealth with PatientVerifi.

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